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South Africa!

So my flight is tomorrow night, I’m pretty excited to work in Cape Town. It seems like I’m the only one who hasn’t yet!

Here’s a little story about the process I endured before landing this commercial.

I was asked to attend a casting- of course; as per usual, I didn’t think much of it since you don’t always book the job. So I get an email on Sunday evening telling me I have recalls for the job the next day. However I was booked for a two day shoot from that Monday.

I kindly asked production if I could leave during a little gap between the shoot when they’re filming someone else. After a long process of asking different producers (they were two different shoots in one day so two different producers just the same client) it was a solid no.

It got to around 4 pm thinking we were only going to have a 15 minute gap (My recall was at 4.40) I sulked for a good amount of time until I realised we’ve been sat in the dressing room for 2 hours. I literally only needed an hour to make the casting. Safe to say I was fuming I couldn’t go and missed the casting.

A few days later, I got a call from my agent telling me they want to book me for the job. Slightly confused I asked ‘Really? But I missed the recalls’ to which my agent replies ‘Yeah, they don’t care. They still want you’. Ecstatically I shreiked!

Although, this didn’t entirely mean I was confirmed. They booked my visa appointment and fitting the following Monday, however everything was still up in the air. The client may or may not decide they want me still. There was a week of uncertainty and stress since I didn’t know whether I should let myself be booked for contingency shoots.

After recieving an email for a taxi they’ve booked it was looking hopeful. A few hours later I was officially confirmed. Thank god.

However the stress of getting my visa on time was another problem, luckily it arrived and my flight was moved! Yay!

Today, I’m hoping to get my flight details. Weirdly I still can’t believe I landed this job, so I’m keeping my hopes low because I know how flippant this industry is.


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