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I’m not quitting just pausing.

As of late work and the hectic world of work is becoming challenging. Social media (mostly instagram) has been occupying such a large part of my time it literally has taken time out of my existence.

For the positive benefit of my mental health, I decided to take a little hiatus on Instagram. Mostly because I don’t love everything I’ve posted in the last year and a half. It’s all work! And no play. That’s not how I want to live. It’s not just that I miss doing all the creative things I do. It‘s also that I‘m struggling with my positivity.

Most days are good, I’m kept busy with work and my hobbies. Some days my anxiety really kicks in and I feel absolutely taken aback by it and the main trigger is Instagram.

Am I doing well enough? What should I have been focused on? I’m an actor not a model! Why do I still keep getting only modelling jobs? why aren’t I getting those acting big tv series jobs? These are some of the questions the flood my head when I enter the deep dark and wonderful world of Instagram.

Yes, I’ve made those conscious decisions like unfollowing people that would make me feel inadequate.

Do you ever go on Ig just to look at your own feed anyway and just think about which one should you get rid of or put back or change?

Yes, I found myself doing that often too. So taking down my entire content made me feel a little more at ease. Kind of like starting fresh.

I’ll eventually post again, just not right now. I’m going to focus on keeping my website updated, other platform up to scratch to my IG. Create more things that’s for myself rather than for the IG content.


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