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My week in SA

Was pretty fun, I'm totally looking forward to seeing the final of what we shot.

I think being away from home did make me miss it a little too. The sights were incredible. The house I had my fitting was my ideal future home.

loving life


I did spend a large part of it on my own, since everyone was filming at different times; The other actors I met were lovely though. While I was out in SA, I got a call from my agent telling me about a project I landed. We got the memo deal and now just waiting for the contract. I'm definitely looking forward to this coming week!

spent far too long in my hotel

Saturday -being my last day- I thought I'd do a little exploring since I was definitely no longer needed. I kinda stayed on edge the entire week not knowing when I'd be needed so I thought I'd stick it safe.

literally on top of the world

Found a cute little dassie while I was up in the mountains


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