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Only travels and campaigns

new polaroids for work

Before leaving for my two week holiday in the Philippines I managed to bag a make-up campaign with Sleek cosmetics that was super exciting to do as I've never done one before like it.

The campaign comes out in July I believe which would be perfect to get that summer glow and colours on!

I've had to send some no make-up polaroids for work, thank god for the tan! Not sure about my hair at the moment but it sort of works.

This coming May I'll be spending most of my birthday month in Australia which is obviously going to be a lot of fun.

The Samsung campaign I worked on is currently airing worldwide which was super exciting to find out. Friends from all over the world are sending me snaps, it's a pretty cool privilege to be able to work on it, especially as I'm totally obsessed with tech!

Quite keen on Infamous 6 getting released soon would love to see what comes from that too!


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