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Hello 2019

I'm not gonna lie and tell you I've always known what I wanted to do from day one. No, I didn't happen to just fall into acting either- that doesn't fucking happen. 2018 has been the real solid first year as an actress and it came with a lot of distress and rejection too.

I've never been the model friend, the musical friend or whatever. There's so much in the past I can thank for, that made me the way I am. There is nothing about it to be regretted.

This year I've been privileged enough to work with so many brands I only dreamt about working with.

These are just some of the incredible companies I've had the opportunity to work with since I started working as an actress. It has been such a wild year. Some days these little eyes open and wonder if I'm still dreaming.

Here's to the little brown girl from East London that hoped of better days.

It has been such an incredible year,

2019 give us a prosperous soul and a happy mental state.

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!


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