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​​​​Good Vibes

Oh my GOSHH!

It has seriously been such a crazy year of working back to back and I'm so incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I've been given this year.

As well as finishing the year with some incredible projects. Excited for you all to see them next year!

I literally said to someone after doing what I thought was going to be my last big project this year that I'd love to just finish the year with just 2 more huge awesome projects!

Here I sit today happy to let you all know I've got those two such exciting things coming up.

One will be in South Africa, the excitement might be purely from just being able to visit and work at such a beautiful country.

It's going to be such a busy few weeks, I know I've done very little to update you lovely people but I promise I'll be posting more!

Especially as I'll be spending my December in Asia to be with my family.

Photos galore!


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