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becoming a better actor

So I've been on this journey of working as a creative for about a year and a half. It has definitely had its defining moments and hard ones too. I think the hardest thing to get used to is the fluctuation of what work and my schedule is like. There are times that it becomes cumbersome and my anxiety kicks in. Other times it's calm and there's a soothing feeling of being grounded.

As a full time creative, there will always be these blips in your career. I was told to keep going and not lose hope. I agree. When I'm feeling low, I give myself a hard time about not working as hard. When in fact, my record would say otherwise. We all need to take a few moments to just be thankful for the things we have achieved. Success isn't owned, it's rented and due everyday and so it must be paid with work.

Many would think taking the leap would be frightening, it is. But it's all the more reason to do it. I do not regret a single day of work I've invested in my career. It's nowhere near where I want to be but everyday I'm trying to figure out the right route I'd take.

Payment sometimes is the most frightening thing about my career, everybody wants to know how well you're doing by guessing what's in your bank or even if you have anything there. I have one advice for anybody that is wondering how to counter this. For a while I kept a part-time job, there is no shame in that. Your side hussle will fuel your real passion. THEY ARE YOUR TRAINING WHEELS. Only take them off when you're confident that you don't need it. When I no longer needed a part time job - I didn't go wild on spending my money either. I always save a part of my profits for the 'quiet' months. You never know what rainy days will bring.

Lately I haven't been as productive as I wanted to be, unfortunately I've neglected training for anything. This coming week it starts again. Hopefully.

I just wanted to express on this post that ups and downs are always abundant in this industry. There are always ways to combat them but learn to appreciate the good with the bad.


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